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Brent Leatherwood ERLC

Brent Leatherwood: Mothers Who Take Abortion Pills Aren’t Murderers

At the 2023 Annual Southern Baptist Convention, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission gave their report which was an emotional affair laced with embellished contributions to legislative achievements whilst omitting the one policy they are on record for supporting: gun control in Tennessee. At the end of the report, Brent Leatherwood was asked a single question and the questioner made it count.

Brent Leatherwood was asked if he believed whether a woman who murders her child outside of the womb should be prosecuted for murder.

Brent Leatherwood gives a longwinded answer, claiming to champion Southern Baptist values. He goes on to say that the those doing the abortions should be prosecuted: the doctors and the drug manufacturers.

Brent Leatherwood surprises no one championing feminism over the biblical justice. This has been the stance of the ERLC and much of the pro-life industry which is not run by Christians. In 2022, the ERLC joined the pro-life industry denouncing an equal protection under the law, in Louisiana where SBC23 was held.

So, it’s not a surprise that Brent Leatherwood would oppose equal protection for the unborn. However, it is notable that Brent Leatherwood denies female accountability while acknowledging that abortion relies heavily on pharmaceuticals. Typically the pro-life feminist asserts that abortion is done at a clinic with a doctor. But more often the drug mifepristone is given to the woman and she takes it at home on her own volition. In this scenario, the abortion provider is not even a hitman. They merely sell the murder weapon. Brent Leatherwood, in a stunning display of invincible ignorance asserts that the woman taking the pills is not liable for the death of her child.

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