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Christian Reformed Church Battles Homosexuality And Mostly Wins

Many denominations have their annual meetings in June. The Christian Reformed Church had their synod in June and discussed the issue of same-sex marriage. Pastor Lloyd Hemstreet joins Jon Harris to discuss the debate in the CRC.

Hemstreet paints a rather optimistic picture of how the event went down. Stating that the faithful won the day with a majority of the key votes. However, the CRC is merely debating gay marriage and how the church should respond to it and to what degree enforce its positions. They are not debating same sex attraction and sinful desire.

So in one sense, even having this debate in the church is a loss. Additionally, it does not bode well for the sinful attractions debate. Hemstreet argues that old documents in the CRC have been misconstrued to support Side B theology. Indeed, last year, someone at the CRC championed their denomination for this innovative heresy.

Perhaps this denomination has an improved position from last year. If so, praise God.

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