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Yikes: LCMS Reelects Matthew Harrison To Fifth Term As President

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod is supposed to be the conservative Lutheran denomination, yet it is no exception to the struggles facing many Evangelical denominations. On the issues of Critical Race Theory and the homosexual transvestite movement within the church, the LCMS is hardly relevant in the fight. Matthew Harrison represents an obvious reason why. Harrison won reelection with significant opposition. According to the LCMS:

The election took place, according to Bylaw, starting June 17 (six weeks prior to the convention) via internet balloting provided by YesElections (formerly Election-America). The 6,053 pastoral and lay voters validly registered by the congregations and parishes of the Synod (Bylaw before the deadline (electronic registration by March 19) or their substitutes (as validly submitted before June 9) served as the voters for this election. Of those, a total of 5,000 votes were cast, constituting a vote percentage of 82.60% of the electorate.

The results of the ballot tallied and reported to the Secretary of the Synod by YesElections are as follows:

  • Harrison was voted president-elect with 2,616 votes (52.32%);

  • Ferry received 1,593 votes (31.86%);

  • Ball received 341 votes (6.82%);

  • Snow received 318 votes (6.36%); and

  • Lange received 132 votes (2.64%).


These results are not exactly a sign to have confidence in the LCMS. The runner-up, Patrick Ferry was endorsed by some key figures in the liberal bloc of the LCMS.

Matthew Harrison also has major issues surrounding him as well. See this video below where he obfuscates pedophilia.

By his own admission, Matthew Harrison would fail to be above reproach, as is required of a pastor. Even more cringey is his need to cushion what the Bible says about sexual sin. Earlier this year, a young man who goes by Ryan Turnipseed put out a lengthy thread on Twitter sounding the alarm to the new annotated notes of Luther’s Catechism that the LCMS is publishing.

The reaction of the LCMS against Ryan Turnipseed has been an inquisition against his character. Ironically, a terminally old denomination is trying to purge a Gen Z member. He has been accused of being a neo-nazi for opposing the new annotations, simply because apparent white supremacists agreed with him on this particular issue.

The LCMS does not have strong leadership, nor does it have an organized attempt to take strong stances on major issues facing the church.

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