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Michael O'Fallon

Michael O’Fallon Removed From G3 Ministries Board

G3 Ministries has been under a lot of pressure as a result of their vehement opposition to Christian Nationalism. In much of their argument against Christian Nationalism, they relied on arguments from James Lindsay, a Christian-hating atheist to oppose brothers in Christ and employing woke tactics such as labeling Stephen Wolfe racist for complimenting white Evangelicals. As it would turn out, amidst the controversy surrounding Christian Nationalism, G3 Ministries would quietly remove Michael O’Fallon from their board of directors. Michael O’Fallon is the founder of Sovereign Nations and New Discourses, the latter of which spreads woke views on gender.

According to the G3 Ministries’ website, Michael O’Fallon is no longer listed on the board of directors for G3 Ministries. In his place are Jeff Pate and Jonathan Frazier. This change occurred very recently as according to the Wayback Machine, Michael O’Fallon was listed as on June 10. 

G3 Ministries is a large platform built to equip churches in ways that institutions like The Gospel Coalition have failed. G3 is theologically similar to John MacArthur as is its target audience.

In May, Evangelical Dark Web’s called out Michael O’Fallon for providing an atheist, James Lindsay, the infrastructure for monetizing his anti-Christian views and statements as sordid gain. It was one of the most viewed articles published that month. Additionally, we urged G3 to denounce James Lindsay, as it was clear that they were being influenced by him and not the other way around. In an offer of peace, we asked G3 to denounce James Lindsay and remove Michael O’Fallon from the board if he refused to as well.

Apparently, God heard the plea for peace between brothers and moved G3 to take action.


After the publish and the subsequent traction this story received on social media, Michael O’Fallon publicly announced that he resigned from G3, Conservative Baptist Network, and Alpha and Omega.

Last week, upon returning from the U.K., I submitted my resignation to the following ministries: -The Conservative Baptist Network -G3 Ministries -Alpha and Omega Ministries I resigned from the steering council, board position, and from a corporate membership that I have held for nearly 20 years for the following reason: There is a tremendous amount of lies, disinformation, political gamesmanship, false rumours and nonsense being showered on ministries that I have been serving with that will not stop as long as I continue to do what I have been doing at Sovereign Nations. It is not right for these ministries to have to answer to constant false accusations that have my name attached to all manner of fertile fallacies (lies that have legs) on a weekly basis. 

After counselling with my own board, legal counsel, several long-time ministry friends and with someone in the political realm that I spoke to in the U.K., I concluded that it was best for the ministries that are doing good work for the right reasons to continue to do so without the constant dishonest that I am somehow “puppeteering” these good ministries responses to current controversies. 

To be clear, I have never once paid or renumerated anyone or any organization to oppose neo-integralism. I am quite sure that this will not completely quell the constant dishonesty and attempts a creating division that our integralist frienemies have intended. We are on a battlefield of information, and the bullets and bombs of this battle are dishonesty and deceitfulness.

If you are a Christian that cares about preserving the Christian Faith and the continuation of the Gospel, you should financially support and attend events of @G3Conference@AominOrgand @BaptistNetwork. They are all doing good work: and rest assured they will continue to do good work without the continuous stream of false accusations attached to my name and work that they have endured. If you are not a Christian but are seeking truth in an age of spiritual confusion, I can think of no better ministries to recommend than@G3Conference@AominOrgand @BaptistNetwork

If you feel so compelled to provide financial support to ministries that are both dedicated to fighting the degrading cultural issues of the day and for the Historic Orthodox Biblical Christianity, then these ministries will faithfully make the best of your year-end offerings. God bless all of these ministries. May they continue, unabated, in the work that they are called to unto the Lord. “God give me a deep humility, a well-guided zeal, a burning love and a single eye, and then let men or devils do their worst.” – George Whitefield

Michael O’Fallon

Michael O’Fallon contends that he resigned on his own volition. Time will tell as to whether O’Fallon is telling the truth in his victim card playing statement.

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5 Responses

  1. This may be seen as controversial but I think all of these goings on about Christian Nationalism is nothing more than a vain intellectual exercise. There is absolutely zero possibility that this form of government will EVER replace our current Republic.
    Why are we wasting our time and ruining lives over something that will never occur?
    I await your flames.

    1. I and others have posted the same thing here. It’s not controversial. Most everyone understands it couldn’t possibly happen without the wicked starting a bloody revolution or civil war. Their current violence and militancy on display is not very far from that as it already is. They would not allow it to happen peaceably. Satan would put up a fight. There’s no doubt about it. And I believe most everyone understands that, or certainly should.

  2. “Christian Nationalism” is just a label for those of us that believe the Bible is inerrant; Jesus is the only way to salvation and that the founding father’s based much of the constitution on biblical principles.

    1. True, but be careful not to say that all founding fathers were Christian, because that only applied to some. Some FF were Deists, Unitarians, Free Masons, etc. Those groups certainly are not Christian. But I do agree about Christian faith and principles shaping the early country.

  3. As I’ve repeatedly stated before, and state again, both sides of the Christian Nationalism debate need to be careful to adhere to scripture. Mr. Ofallon clearly did not, by defending things that Lindsay has said which are contrary to scripture. For that reason, he deserved to be removed.

    Wolfe and others on the Christian Nationalism side have also said things that are contrary to scripture, particularly when it comes to statements pertaining to skin color and ethnicity, which from a Biblical standpoint should not factor at all.

    Any time any on either side of the debate stray from scripture, they should be rebuked.

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