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Hal James Lindsay. Christians Beat Pride Month Anyway.

Hal Lindsay and James Lindsay share more in common than a phonetic similarity. They are both false prophets. Whereas Hal Lindsey made a career off of end times prophesy, James Lindsay has made a grift also claiming to be an expert in the Hegelian Dialect. The irony as discussed before is that James Lindsay is the Hegelian Dialect. He’s the synthesis po0sition, as every position he advocates is give or take liberalism from ten to thirty years ago.

In the same Glenn Beck program in which Glenn Beck attacked Stephen Wolfe, James Lindsay proclaimed that the government would provoke Christians into a strategic blunder in order to enact a PATRIOT Act 2.0, yet nothing came to pass.

On the surface, the claim was already ridiculous. The feds need not provoke Christians into committed atrocities against homos, when they could run a false flag using Ray Epps type of actors. Additionally, the feds are already monitoring conservative Evangelicalism, viewing it as a threat. It was a fed who coined the term “Evangelical Dark Web,” which I co-opted.

Yet Pride Month came and went with a whimper, not a bang, Sure on June 25, there were major displays of pedophilia at parades in New York and Seattle. But overall, the Homosexual Transvestite Pedophile Moment lost ground in our culture.

James Lindsay has long been advocating an acceptance of homosexuality but not transgenderism, in a synthesis of depravity. He also said not to fall for provocations. Yet James Lindsay’s advice wasn’t heeded. Sure he could claim that a false flag didn’t happen because people followed his advice. But in reality, Christians went even harder against sodomy, against James Lindsay’s wishes.

Indeed, even Elon Musk deserves credit for opening the Twitter algorithm to anti-gay content, which many Christians partook in. Fewer Christians are afraid of being called homophobic than before, and we are rightly calling out pedophilia behind the gay movement. Evangelical Dark Web reported last month how public opinion on gender was shifting in our favor with Gen Z, Millennials, and Hispanic Evangelicals. This is because we threw fear out the window and unleashed the Sword of the Spirit.

There’s a tendency for fear to be a point of focus on the right. But we need a mentality of victory. Christ has already won on the cross. Satan is no match for God. And our adversaries serve their father the devil. They are not employing some grand political strategy that require perfect precision to unravel. We just need to put on the armor of God, and we did.

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