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Abolitionists Rising

Abolitionists Rising YouTube Channel Surpasses 100K Subscribers

It’s not every week that a Christian YouTube channel makes it to 100K without being a prominent pastor. As noted last week, Fighting For the Faith had 87.5K subs. However, Abolitionists Rising is capturing pro-life YouTube by storm by taking up the biblical position on abortion which the pro-life industry does not share with. Currently they stand at 106K subs.

This approach to the issue has gained a lot of traction. In the last month as they gained over 49000 subs very recently.

The significance of this in terms of the pro-life movement should not be understated. Live Action, the organization of Lila Rose, has 233K subs but has been around since 2007. Students for Life has 133K subs and is helmed by a feminist, Kristan Hawkins.

Congratulations and may their house increase.

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