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Amazon Restores Mark Driscoll Book After Attempted Censorship

Mark Driscoll has gone viral this year for his sermon series on Elijah which emphasizes that the demons in the Old Testament, namely the spirits of Jezebel and Ahab are active in present day. The Jezebel spirit as Driscoll teaches is sensual, domineering, and emasculating. The Ahab spirit is tolerant, passive, and weak in the face of evil. Mark Driscoll has written a book on his sermon series. On Sunday, Mark Driscoll announced that the book had been suspended from Amazon.

On July 4, Mark Driscoll would provide an update that the book had been restored on Amazon, providing screenshots of the initial notice and the restoration notice.

In the restoration notice, Amazon claims that Driscoll’s book was mistakenly flagged. Driscoll took aim at discernment bloggers who accused him of fabricating the story, a likely jab at Protestia.

Mark Driscoll’s sermon series on Elijah is the most popular sermon series he’s ever done, and several viral clips have emerged of Driscoll taking meaningful stances on today’s issues.

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  1. With the direction Matt Chandler has gone, it now makes his attack on Driscoll look like the long game. Seeing Chandler’s pro LGBTQIA stance infiltrating Acts 29, the attack on Driscoll knocking him off the helm of Acts 29, marginalizing him, wrecking his church in Seattle looks like a plan long in the making. It seemed odd at the time. Driscoll’s flaws notwithstanding didn’t Chandler have his phone number to have a sit down over coffee? Seems like a coup to channel $ to the right woke church plants.

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