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Dallas Jenkins

Dallas Jenkins: The Chosen Is Not Depicting Transfiguration

In late, May, early June, Dallas Jenkins and The Chosen were embroiled over a controversy on how The Chosen had pride flags on set in celebration of sodomy in a blatant display of irreverence towards the source material that loosely inspires the show. Last week, Dallas Jenkins told fans that he would not be depicting the Transfiguration in the Bible on The Chosen.

The lack of this event is a major deviation from Scripture and the event not happening would be yet another biblically implausible event in the series.

This was posted on a fan page on Facebook that has over 114K members.

Dallas Jenkins implies that the Transfiguration is an unimportant scene in the story he’s trying to tell. As the Transfiguration is one of the most profound miracles in the New Testament and a miracle in which the disciples of Jesus, Peter, James, and John interact with. As The Chosen is a series focusing on the disciples, albeit some invented ones, this miracle is a pivotal opportunity to depict character development.

So why wouldn’t the Transfiguration be part of The Chosen? One answer is that Dallas Jenkins is a wolf who has no interest in biblical accuracy. The other answer is that the Transfiguration is too expensive to depict because of special effects. It’s almost as though The Chosen is not some cash cow, almost.

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  1. The gospel of John also does not include The Transfiguration… so… he has some license to not include the event. As for Mormonism, yes – Mormonism teaches Peter, James, and John were also transfigured. Perhaps not including the event is a way of avoiding offense to either audience.

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