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Andrew Tate

Christians Shouldn’t Defend Andrew Tate

If Jordan Peterson represents the daddy issues side of the Manosphere, Andrew Tate represents the mommy issues. Prior to 2022, most did not know who Andrew Tate was until he got deplatformed from social media leading to him being the most googled man that year. The Tate brothers were famous for viral content flashing expensive cars and women attempting to teach a lost young male audience how to get ahead in the dating game. The thing is, most know many women find wealth attractive making many of the Tate’s lifestyle impossible to replicate. This begs the question as to how they achieved their wealth.

They achieved their wealth through cam girls. In other words, they were pimps for pornography, specifically the more personalized kind that was a precursor to OnlyFans. About this, they show no remorse, and despite an inconsistent record of “moving on” from the cam girl business, the charges against the Tates brought fourth by the Romanian government are related to their well-documented history of using the “loverboy” method to recruit and pimp out degenerate women.

Andrew Tate’s viral interview with Tucker Carlson had several glaring inconsistencies with regard to Tate’s characterization of the charges against him. These charges include rape and human trafficking. MilkBarTV puts together a compilation video of Andrew Tate admitting he is a pimp which in his mind stands for Positively Inspiring Motivational Person.

Andrew Tate’s violence against women is documented and also mentioned in the charging documents. Bringing women in overseas to perform pornography for a admitted pimp qualifies as human trafficking under Romanian law:

Trafficking is defined in Romania as follows:

The Tates on the surface appear to be guilty of violating this law, if their past behavior is any indication of present behavior. Yet many in right wing media have divided over this including Candace Owens who denounced the Romanian government as being politically motivated.

Perhaps they are, but political motivation alone does not mean the case is unjust. By the letter of the law there is a significant risk for anyone who produces pornography in Romania, and Andrew Tate has painted a target on his back with his high profile lifestyle.

Despite building a male audience, the Tates built an empire targeting men with pornography. For those claiming to be Christian and obfuscating the severity of the charges while simultaneously falling for the POS boyfriend routine that the Tates run are doing so to the detriment of their public witness.

If Andrew Tate is found guilty by a mere technicality, far be it from me to argue that it is unjust that a pornographer goes to jail for related activity. Injustice is when the innocent are strung up on charges, not when the degens get caught up in their own schemes.

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