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Redeemed Zoomer Responds To Evangelical Dark Web

The video published by Evangelical Dark Web covering Redeemed Zoomer’s Darwinist beliefs was viewed by the Zoomer himself before I even checked in on the progress of the video. And his response was a friendly dialog.

Fair critique, thank you for being charitable! I want to clarify that my evolutionism isn’t a recent development, but it’s what I have always held to. I have a video explaining why I believe in evolution. My reason for not liking fundamentalism is its spirit of isolation from the modern world instead of engaging with it. I think the Confession of 1967 was a good Christian response to modernity. It is the only confession that denounces sexual anarchy in the modern world and cares about the environment. I think if Christians want to redeem the modern world, we need to stop hiding from it. Be in but not of the world

I am glad that Redeemed Zoomer received the charitable feedback that was intended in the video. And his subsequent comment is worth including as a follow-up to the story.

I completely agree Christians should engage in the culture and not run from it. However, we need to do so with a firm foundation and not syncretism which is ultimately what theistic evolution is.

Anyway, there is no reason at this time to reject Redeemed Zoomer as a brother in Christ.

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2 Responses

  1. No, a born again Christian would not refer to the Genesis account, Creationism, or Creationists as “stupid”. He sets scripture beneath the ever-changing, most often wrong “knowledge” of mankind.

    He called God’s word and those who believe it, “stupid”

    And that cannot be ignored and shoved under the rug.

    If he were one of the ones who tries to make Evolution (big E) jive with scripture, including the fact that Creation ended (God completed it and said that it was good) and is no longer ongoing, and that God changed it at the fall and again at the flood, then I might consider otherwise, and just say he’s ignorant. But as it stands, he is bearing very bad fruit.

    You cannot effectively engage mankind if you put the limited, and always wrong to significant degree, knowledge of mankind in a place equal to or above God’s word. “Zoomer” apparently believes he’s going to engage and change the world with the world’s own knowledge and understanding? Well, if he wants to be seen as extremely stupid, by both the world and Christians alike, that’s one sure fire way to guarantee it. And that is exactly the sort of stupidity that has led this country away from the Lord.

    Zoomer, you can be seen as stupid by some, or you can actually be stupid as seen by all. Your choice.

  2. I have consistently been a Creationist and stood by the Genesis account since I was a teenager. Through high-school. Through two college degrees, making straight A’s through both, achieving national academic honors, attending four universities, so on and so forth. Then I went on to be an accomplished engineer.

    Zoomer, nobody ever called me stupid.

    They couldn’t.

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