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Babylon Bee’s Joel Berry White Knights For Nancy Mace

Nancy Mace is experience a lot of backlash for bragging about fornication at a prayer breakfast, but she has found one loyal defender in Christian media and that is Joel Berry, the managing editor at the Babylon Bee.

Mace professed to have become a Christian in 2019; however, she attends Seacoast Church. Evangelical Dark Web will publish a report on this church’s doctrines and beliefs. However the church has taught that sex is for marriage since that time.

Joel Berry says that the backlash against her is chasing her out, as though that’s a bad thing. However, a proper church would have disciplined a lawmaker who voted for the (Dis)Respect For Marriage Act.

Berry wants to place the blame solely on the man for not being quick to buy a cow when he’s getting the milk for free. He is in sin, but Berry is trying to make a point alluding to the added text of John 8 to use the sin of those righteously indignant about celebrating sin at a prayer breakfast to invalidate their reaction. This is squishy megachurch behavior that I would actually expect out of Seacoast Church.

Aaron Renn summarizes his mentality quite well that any time men want to stand up against sin they are derided by establishment types who don’t want women to be called out for sin.

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4 Responses

  1. By Berry’s “reasoning” he might as well just fornicate right there on stage in church. Watch porn for an hour and call it a church service.

    By such backwards “reasoning”, since all are born into sin, and have sinned, we might as well just all throw up our hands and celebrate, endorse, and encourage all manner of sin.

    Ultimately he is denying the work of salvation and the Holy Spirit, to make us into a new creature, such that we are no longer the sinner we were.

    They love to ignore the part about clearing your own eye so you can see clearly to get the spec out of your brother’s eye. You’ll never hear them give the complete quote. The part about turning away from sin and then rebuking it, get’s shoved under the rug.

    “He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the Lord.” – Proverbs 17:15

  2. That’s how the grace of God gets perverted into a license for immorality (Jude 4)

    In an effort supposedly not to judge, which is really to make excuses, wickedness becomes good and righteousness becomes bad. All the sudden righteous people who rightfully spoke out against it are the bad guys.

    1. And how getting too caught up with politics leads everyone on all sides down the wrong path.

      Not the Bee, in particular, has been bad to do this sort of thing, for a long time. They’ll often set aside God’s word in order to try to advance a political goal.

      Of course, decades of such efforts are exactly how we got into the mess we’re in, in the first place. That’s exactly why Christians no longer have a party to vote for. Now wait for the retort – if you don’t vote for ____ party it’s your fault. Uh huh, pretty sure I’m not the one who justified wickedness for political gain.

  3. Joel Berry should speak for himself. 100% of Christians didn’t have sex before marriage and not all Christians look at porn. He’s projecting and should repent.

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