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Voddie Baucham

Voddie Baucham Discusses Manosphere On Ben Shapiro Sunday Special

The Ben Shapiro Sunday Special has been the premiere interviews of Ben Shapiro who has had numerous high profile guests on over the years. Voddie Baucham joined Ben Shapiro to discuss Social Justice and the so-called “Manosphere.” This comes at an interesting time as Candace Owens, also on the Daily Wire, gave Andrew Tate a softball interview to rehab his reputation from the human trafficking charges he faces in Romania. So on one hand the Daily Wire is promoting degeneracy, on the other they are platforming a biblical worldview.

Ben Shapiro presents Andrew Tate as someone who can diagnose a problem but not someone who can prescribe a solution. His solutions are for men to become untethered from responsibility to indulge in their sexual desires.

Voddie Baucham instead focuses on rooting manhood and masculinity in creation, talking extensively about what it means to be a man is found in the creation of women. He criticizes the so-called Manosphere for untethering masculinity from creation thus furthering the cause of feminism and critiques feminism for ultimately leaving women unprotected.

On the issue of Social Justice, Baucham excellently details how the mile wide inch deep churches and religious leaders were easy prey for Cultural Marxist influence and how insufficient worldviews are little match for the seductive language of the left.

One criticism of Baucham’s interview I have is that he frames Social Justice as focused on “equity” not equality, even though “equality” was the Social Justice buzzword for majority of my life until sometime shortly before 2020. Baucham references the term “marriage equality” which further proves my critique. This is a language trap many on the right have fallen into, and while Baucham has a consistent history opposing equality of outcomes, it’s an ongoing frustration that conservatives flipped with the liberals on the equality/equity language despite having the same exact arguments.

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  1. Perfect description of the the Daily Wire as a whole from the author here – “the Daily Wire is promoting degeneracy, on the other they are platforming a biblical worldview.”

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