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Megachurch Pastor JD Greear Tells Congregants They Treat Church Like A Production

The Summit Church, home of JD Greear posted a video clip from a recent sermon where JD Greear scolds his church congregants for treating church services like a production. In a fantastic display of irony the camera pans back to the megachurch auditorium right after he says that people who come in 10 minutes late or leave 5 minute early treat church like a production. Additionally Greear goes on against those who church at home in an even more fantastic display of irony.

In Evangelical Dark Web’s first ever YouTube short, a micro video content similar to TikTok, we parodied the YouTube short originally posted by Greear with the Seinfeld theme and laugh track to highlight the comedic irony and timing of JD Greear’s delivery which fits in almost perfectly with a cold open of Seinfeld’s earlier seasons.

JD Greear would evidently remove the YouTube short, but thankfully Woke Preacher Clips posted it on Gab.

JD Greear was getting roasted for this clip that they volunteered to the internet. While he views it as “family talk” the overwhelming hypocrisy of Greear attacking church at home when he (sinfully) shut his church down for nearly an entire calendar year cannot be ignored.

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  1. It seems to me that most sincere Christians, those that really love the Lord are starting to feel like they’re on the outside looking in to most churches these days. What a joke. What an absolute parody. People view church as a production because that’s exactly what it’s become. It’s a religious show, and sadly little more. A lukewarm Laodicean production. Gee, the Apostle John seems particularly prescient does he not?

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