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Dusty Deevers Campaign

Pastor Dusty Deever Announces State Senate Run In Oklahoma

Pastor Dusty Deevers was a vocal pastor fighting for orthodoxy at the 2023 Annual Southern Baptist Convention both running for the first vice president position and attempting to poison pill the liberal attempt to sabotage the Mike Law Amendment. Now the pastor has announce a run for office in the State Senate of Oklahoma.

The Deevers campaign focuses on ending legal abortion in the state of Oklahoma. Moreover, Dusty Deevers is running an overtly Christian campaign as is evident on his campaign website.

From the moment of conception/fertilization, all human beings are created equal by God in His image. If we believe children in the womb are just as human as we are, then we need laws that reflect that. Our pro-life laws in Oklahoma are riddled with loopholes that allow abortion pills to flow freely throughout the state. I am committed to loving my preborn neighbors as myself by closing those loopholes and abolishing abortion by establishing equal protection under law for everybody from the moment of conception/fertilization.

Dusty Deevers looks like a high quality candidate that could win elected office. Dusty Deevers was one of the prominent writers of the Statement on Christian Nationalism.

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