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Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Coddles Critical Race Theory At Convention

The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod took place last week and received very little coverage outside of Lutheran circles. And with the exception of some notorious dissidents, most of the coverage was inaccurate, especially how the LCMS portrays itself in their own provda. The 68th Convention of the LCMS met and passed a resolution rejecting all forms of racism. While this seems innocuous, they have passed 36 resolutions on racism to date. Yet this resolution, 11-2A is unique in that it attempts and fails to address Critical Race Theory; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; and Black Lives Matter. Instead it actually coddles these ideologies with a single exception.



So the key issues are found in the the languages regarding the liberal ideology. The Lutheran Resolution assumes that CRT et al. seek to “address racism.” Additionally, they “include” aspects and theories as well as “some” unbiblical tenets. Moreover, “some proponents of CRT often divide people” by race.

Compound this weaselly language with how they speak about the Nazism, White Supremacy, and White Nationalism. These theories “espouse unbiblical aspects.”

The way that the Lutherans deal with the niche to nonexistent neo-Nazi movement compared with the rampant Cultural Marxism that is loaded in their denomination demonstrates a lack of seriousness in their resolve. Neo-Nazis have no ability to carry out their racism, but Cultural Marxists have been successful for decades. Yet the more prominent threat gets the kid gloves treatment because the LCMS is so afraid of being called racist that they’ve apparently had 36 resolutions denouncing racism in 68 years.

The lone critique of Critical Race Theory et al. is half a resolve “or teach that an individual is inherently racist or oppressive because of his race, ancestry, or nationality.” A Cultural Marxist could easily side step this by saying “not all white people are racist because some are sufficiently anti-racist.”

Woke Advance In LCMS

The LCMS recently published an article calling the denomination too white.

Additionally the new essays on contemporary applications of Luther’s Catechism embrace Critical Race Theory as well.

The LCMS took active measures to suppress the dissenting voices like Ryan Turnipseed.


In June, LCMS president Matt Harrison won reelection. The runner up in that race was supported by the woke faction of the LCMS and received over 30% of the vote. Clearly if this resolution adequately condemned CRT, it would not have received 91.24% of the vote.

In 2021, the Southern Baptist Convention failed to address Critical Race Theory and similarly coddled it by failing to address the ideology by name. Even worse, the LCMS addresses Critical Race Theory by name but offers an inadequate critique, ultimately shielding its proponents in their denomination from criticism. 

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