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Stephen Wolfe

Interview: Stephen Wolfe Talks Christian Nationalism and Controversy

Stephen Wolfe is the author of The Case For Christian Nationalism which we reviewed several month ago. Wolfe is widely considered a Christian Nationalist thought leader as the result of his book and definition. He joined team Evangelical Dark Web to discuss Christian Nationalism, his book, and controversies surrounding him.

Stephen Wolfe set off a meme when he tweeted “I’ll bite, who was Emmitt Till?” which even got a column written about in Christian Post. Wolfe explains that events from the past should occasionally be reevaluated so that they are not misused to advance a sinister agenda. We discuss how there’s a regime narrative of history that’s used to convince people how to think.

Additionally, an outsider might think that Stephen Wolfe and his publisher, Canon Press, have some underlying beef after they called his bulwark tweet dumb and more recently Wolfe publicly disagreed with excerpts posted in a more recent book Canon Press is promoting. Wolfe says that he and Canon Press are on good terms and that Canon Press is acting according to their brand which insists on doubling down. Asked what book Wolfe plans to write next, he says something about the home.

On the subject of the Christian Prince, a term that Wolfe has brought back, we asked whether the rise of Donald Trump impacted his thought, and Wolfe said that it hadn’t when he wrote the chapter but sees how people drew that conclusion. In our day an age the comparison seems natural despite Trump not living up to the Christian Prince concept. So we discuss whether a “Protestant Franco” is what’s needed for America. Wolfe does not believe that the Christian Prince in the American context needs to be authoritarian in nature and can operate within the Constitution. Globally, Viktor Orbin is viewed as the most Christian Prince of world leaders, to which Wolfe credits the cultural Christianity of Hungary.

On how to implement Christian Nationalism, Wolfe believes in different levels of government acting differently. He says that immigration is the number one priority of the federal government while stating that governors are most empowered to enact biblical laws in their states. He also talks about how at the individual level Christians should work towards building a parallel economy.

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