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Michael Flynn

Michael Flynn vs Christian Nationalism

Michael Flynn has been a popular figure for years among elements of conservatism, particularly those with a greater affinity for Qanon, particularly because many conservative voices did not venture to defend him amidst the malicious persecution he endured from the FBI. Michael Flynn recently spoke at an event at a church on how pastors should put down the Bible and read the US Constitution during a church service.

This clip is being used by liberals to attack Christian Nationalism despite the glaring inconsistencies between Flynn’s views and that of Christian Nationalists.

However it must be noted that the clip in question is a representative sample and not taken out of context. The full speech that Flynn gave can be found on the Russia Ukraine Updates Rumble channel in numerous segments. The speech itself is a series of loosely connected rants on leadership that included a bit about Jews not having the courage to fight the Nazis and not get on the trains.

Many try to depict Michael Flynn as a standard bearer for Christian Nationalism. However Flynn is Catholic and says so multiple times in his speech. This poses a problem in which Protestants will not recognize his faith as legitimate.

Moreover, Michael Flynn argues that America was founded on “Judeo-Christian values” which is a term Christian Nationalists reject because it hitches paganism to Christianity.

Michael Flynn erroneously claims that the US Constitution is based on the Bible to argue that pastors should read it to their congregations. This claim on the surface isn’t true as the New Jersey Compromise isn’t found in Scripture, and while the Constitution was based on the Christian legal system of English Common Law, the Constitution is a flawed document, especially in current form and interpretation that makes it a pitiful comparison to God’s Word. Christian Nationalists more readily see this than their Classical Liberal or Neoconservative counterparts.

Additionally, Christian Nationalists reject the “proposition nation” recognizing that America is not an idea. It is so much more.

Michael Flynn’s incoherent ramblings demonstrate that he is no thought leader of Christian Nationalism nor anything else.

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