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Christianity Today Publishes Francis Collins’ Eulogy Of Tim Keller Christianity Today has long been a liberal publication masquerading as Christian. And on Tuesday, they might have sunk to a new low when they published an article by Francis Collins eulogizing Tim Keller. Tim Keller is a false teacher who was very well-masked for many years. Francis Collins, in contrast, has faced a lot […]

Jenna Ellis Crowdfunds Legal Defense After Trump Abandons Her

The latest rounds of indictments coming after Trump has a long list of codefendants as Fulton County, Georgia looks to employ RICO laws against Trump. RICO stands for Racketeering Influenced Criminal Organization, and RICO laws are generally used to combat organized crime like the mafia. Jenna Ellis was one of the Trump election lawyers, and […]

Republican Congressman Max Miller Attacks Christianity, Takes Massive L

From the state of Ohio, Max Miller is a Republican Congressman. During Evangelical Dark Web’s review of primary elections, our writer noted that Miller was a formidable candidate in the race he was running particularly against one of the Republicans who supported impeachment until he decided not to seek reelection. However, exercising discernment, he wrote: […]