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Owen Strachan

Owen Strachan Denounces Christians Who Believe Replacement Theory Is Real

After flipping from being woke to being against Critical Race Theory, Owen Strachan has become a less reliable voice as he has in part reverted back to wokeness. Recently he went on a rant denouncing Christians who “buy into” the existence of Replacement Theory. Replacement Theory is a political tool in which mass immigration is used to replace or dilute the native population to achieve desired political outcomes. This has been the driving force of European politics and the illegal immigration debate in the United States as well.

Apparently, Owen Strachan does not believe that Replacement Theory is a real phenomenon and therefore calls the belief in its existence dangerous and pernicious which is redundant.

The reality is that Replacement Theory has eliminated right wing politics in several western countries, and that replacement of the white population in California turned a historic Republican stronghold into a home base for Democrats. For the Democrats, Replacement Theory is a tool to eliminate the Republicans from being competitive nationally because they are well aware that naturalized citizens tend to vote Democrat and ethnic minority bloc voting breaks in their favor with rare exceptions such as Cubans and possibly Koreans.

Cultural Marxists both deny Replacement Theory is a real thing while also celebrating its existence. Demography is destiny, and for Owen Strachan to gaslight conservatives who see that Replacement Theory is a liberal plan to achieve electoral hegemony. Perhaps Strachan is blind, but should therefore stop trying to be a Mid Eva thought leader.

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2 Responses

  1. Forms of “replacement theory” are in the Bible. The best example is when Assyria conquered the northern kingdom. It was an Assyrian tactic to move people around mixing religion and culture, in order to keep them weakened, subdued and controlled.

    However, in 2 Kings 17:7-21, we read that it was ultimately God who caused it to happen.

    The first point of note, then is to not worry about what the “Assyrian” powers that be might be conspiring to do. Instead, worry about serving the Lord, because they cannot do anything that He does not allow. If He doesn’t allow it, then no weapon formed against you will prosper (Isaiah 54:17).

    The second point is that it has nothing to do with skin color, ethnos, or even culture. Every account of such events in scripture specifically focuses on the fact that the people rebelled against the Lord, worshiping false gods, and so on.

    Out of that dilution, which God caused, not much different than at the Tower of Babel, allowing the Assyrians to conquer and subdue by their tactics, at the end of the northern kingdom, came the group of people known as Samaritans. These were the descendants of those marriages between God’s people and the pagans.

    Bearing in mind, that the lead tribe of the northern kingdom, Ephraim, was himself born of an Israelite father and an Egyptian mother, as was Manessah, and many of their descendants weren’t “pure blood” Israelites. In other words, it wasn’t, and never has been, about ethnos, or skin color.

    The point is not that ethnicity or “race” was mixed, but that they intermixed with pagan religion and false gods.

    As we all know, Jesus addressed this tendency of mankind to make it about ethnicity, when He told of the good Samaritan. The fact that the Samaritan was of a “mixed” ethnicity didn’t matter. What mattered was what he did, what he said, how he lived …

    Culture, in the same manner, is not a matter of whether or not we accept different cultures. It’s a matter of whether or not the cultures and beliefs are in line with scripture. Plain and simple. Put me in the middle of a town of mostly born-again Christians in Uganda, and I’ll get along fine in their culture. Put me in the middle of a tribe of cannibals, and I’m going to have some problems with their culture.

    It’s about whether or not scripture is honored. It’s about who is a born again Christian and who isn’t.

    Skin color and ethnos are entirely irrelevant. Christian doesn’t have a skin color or ethnicity. And every time individuals on the “right” make it about skin color, especially wrongly equating Christianity to white skin, it plays right into the hands of those who call us “nazis”, who say we want ethnic nationalism, who sell a false narrative that the only options are either be a marxist or be a racist, and so on. It plays right into their hands. It’s conveying the exact same lies that they convey.

    Everybody on all sides needs to quit talking about “race” and skin color, ethnicity, and even culture. It’s irrelevant. It’s destructive. It’s distraction. It causes trouble. It’s antithetical to scripture.

    1. Everything changed when abominable sin (homosexuality, transvestism, justification of wickedness, condemnation of righteousness) became a protected class and the imposition thereof became a policy of government.

      I’m here to tell you, if I were a Mexican right now, with their government criminally charging people for basically speaking the truth of God’s word about such abominable sin, I’d probably be running for the Rio Grande myself …

      The world has undergone drastic, extreme, and catastrophic change over just the past decade. The old arguments are no longer applicable. I’m concerned about the disaster zone at the border, human trafficking, rape, murder, and other mess that’s going on. But I’m not concerned about immigration. I question the goodness of individuals who would enter illegally, but then again our government is not applying law, such as asylum law, as it was intended. Religious persecution is supposed to be a valid reason – but our government and other powerful entities here are engaging in the same persecution. If our government had its way, the 1st Amendment would disappear faster than you could blink.

      At this point, immigration itself is not a significant concern, as I see it. We’ve got much bigger problems.

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