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SBC Executive Committee Interim President Resigns Over Lying On Resume

Willie McLaurin has been the interim president of the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention since he was appointed in February 2022. Despite serving for a year and a half, the Southern Baptist Convention neither named him president of the Executive Committee nor could they agree upon a replacement for Ronnie Floyd who resigned in October 2021. But the Executive Committee will now how have to find a new interim president as McLaurin’s actions have disqualified him from continuing in the office. The Executive Committee Chairman, Philip Robertson released a statement:

The officers of the Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee received the immediate resignation of Willie McLaurin as interim president and CEO today.

McLaurin had been the SBC Executive Committee’s interim leader since February 2022 following the October 2021 resignation of Ronnie Floyd.

While considering McLaurin as a candidate for Floyd’s permanent replacement, the SBC Executive Committee’s Presidential Search Team discovered disqualifying information during their process of vetting and due diligence.

McLaurin’s education credentials that he presented in his resume are false.

In fact, in his resignation letter, McLaurin stated, “In a recent resume that I submitted, it included schools that I did not attend or complete the course of study.”
In a commitment to transparency we will be issuing further updates related to next steps to the presidential search team and SBC Executive Committee’s staff leadership in the near future.

I want to express my deep appreciation for your prayers for the SBC Executive Committee’s members and staff as well the Presidential Search Team. The need for God’s wisdom and direction is paramount at each and every point in the process of searching and selecting the next President and CEO of the SBC Executive Committee.

Please keep the EC staff and the McLaurin family in your prayers.

– Dr. Philip Robertson, Chairman of the SBC Executive Committee

It appears that McLaurin was finally being considered for permanent installment but failed the background check with flying colors.

A few months ago, the search committee made a recommendation which was ultimately rejected as conservative Baptist wanted McLaurin to serve the role.

Many Conservative Baptists championed Willie, believing he gave them a fair hearing, which may be true given the alternatives; however he was not solid on the issue of Critical Race Theory as was reported when he got appointed in 2022.

But in any case, lying on a resume is bearing false witness and will get you terminated from almost any position.

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