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Tom Ascol

Tom Ascol To Host Allie Stuckey At Upcoming Conference

For months in the realm of Evangelicalism there has been a debate surrounding the role of women in Christian media and the fight for the church. Figures like Megan Basham of the Daily Wire and Allie Stuckey of Blaze Media are targets of those who believe that women have not part in this fight. While men like Joel Webbon have been attributed these beliefs, this is merely by association, as figures like Dale Partridge have been instrumental in this debate. Dale Partridge has since discredited himself after picking this fight.

Earlier this week, Tom Ascol took a crucial stand in this debate when he announced that Allie Stuckey would be a speaker at the breakout women’s session.

To Ascol’s credit he is weighing in on a debate while it’s hot, and I believe his reasoning is sound. His reasoning has been championed by key allies such as the aforementioned Megan Basham and Violet Chikuni who posted a viral Ascol quote for his podcast.

While I do not agree with every opinion of Stuckey or Ascol, this is a wise move that recognizes both patriarchal hierarchical order and that women can learn from other women as instructed in Scripture (Titus 2:3-4).

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