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SBC on fire

Wokeness Launches Counteroffensive In SBC

Recent events at in the Southern Baptist Convention have sent a clear signal that wokeness is not done marching through its institutions and after what seemed like a pause, Critical Race Theory has a renewed offensive in the largest Evangelical denomination in America. In 2021, the Southern Baptist Convention would fail to condemn Critical Race Theory by name. Yet since then the tide of culture has shifted against wokeness, and so many woke Evangelicals kept a lower profile on this particular issue. Despite the pause in the advance, Southern Baptists failed to capitalize on the cultural awareness and momentum, as Critical Race Theory was a nonissue in 2022.

Yet after Bart Barber’s sweeping victory, it appears that moves have been made for the advance to continue. While Willie McLaurin was certainly not immune to going along with Critical Race Theory, after failing to get a more liberal replacement, the ousted Willie McLaurin after just now discovering that he lied on his resume.

In comes his replacement, Jonathan Howe, who attends a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship church where his wife functions as a pastor. Jonathan Howe will likely attempt to thwart the Mike Law Amendment or see that nothing similar ever comes to a vote. on the floor again.

But the North American Mission Board is still advocating Critical Race Theory. An organization that’s part of NAMB’s Send Network recently published what quickly circulated as a Woke Preacher Clip.

Trillia Newbell was the woke author that Paige Patterson tried to warn Southern Baptists about and was called racist for it. Nevertheless, as Matt Chandler’s “black 7 over an Anglo 8” made the recirculated, Trillia Newbell’s recent clip reminiscent of the first ballot hall of fame WPC of Matt Chandler. The video was put out by New Churches, a NAMB entity which features Newbell, JD Greear, David Platt, Dhati Lewis, and Ed Stetzer. A few of these people have never been involved in successful church planting, ironically. But it is a supremely woke organization based on personnel and now the first clip to have gone viral from New Churches is part of a lecture on how to make a church DEI friendly.

The fight against wokeness in the church is far from over, especially in the SBC.

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  1. How, by all things holy can any local body in the United States or the Rest of the World follow the divisive, atheistic, philosophy birthed from the Frankfurt School Communists who have perpetrated their creation of a fabricated class struggle for the sole purpose of creating chaos in the United States and insert this atheist, racist philosophy into the least racist nation in the world. There is no place in any Christian church to embrace any philosophy birthed from darkness and still claim they walk in the light. After 21 years living as a tentmaking missionary in a communist nation I have watched with a grevious heart the backsliding of the Churches of the United States to a point that I do not think I will even recognize them. I never thought I would be coming back to the United States because there is a greater need for holiness and repentance in the church there than here.

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