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How Dennis Prager Is The Rick Warren Of Jews

Ever since his sit down with Jordan Peterson to discuss the Mosaic Law, Dennis Prager, founder of PragerU, has only managed to dig deeper and double down on his view that lust is not sinful. In a more recent interview with Charlie Kirk, Prager defended his stance on pornography along with other clips which surfaced during a debate with Pints with Aquinas. The interview is framed as the audience receiving Prager’s side of the story, as if his words were taken out of context for “gotcha” clips.

With Pints with Aquinas, Prager makes the following statements:

On them, you’re on a higher moral plane than the guy who never has a bad thought. I don’t get any credit for not molesting children. I don’t get any credit for not molesting children. I’m as interested in children sexually as I am in bananas or peach trees…but the sick dude who does want to and doesn’t, he gets a lot of credit.

There is no context where choosing not to commit a heinous act against an innocent child is considered worthy of credit. It is a complete denial of the Imago Dei to molest a child or to commit murder. It is not the same as someone struggling to maintain sobriety against an addiction, for this is an outward act of force against another human, not a form of self-harm.

One of the viral clips was a hypothetical question about a man viewing animated child porn instead of acting out on his perversions, to which Prager also said:

I’m thrilled that he’s not acting it out…he might have a poor substitute, but it is a substitute. If that were the case, no child is being used, it’s all animated.

Then when asked if he would use the word evil regarding animated child porn, he said only the behavior is evil, ultimately stating that “You didn’t do evil if you thought evil.” When asked point blank whether masturbating to animated child pornography is not evil, he confirms that it is not.

Kirk begins by playing the clips at the beginning to lay context before allowing Prager to speak aggressively to these issues. Prager asserts that he would be for castration of those who make child porn, claiming to flirt with the idea of banning animated kiddy porn—because he is feeling daring. But this is not what he said during his debate when given the opportunity to articulate his position. Charlie Kirk proceeds to defend Prager’s precision on his personal use of the word “evil.”

Prager then proceeds to blame Christians and conservatives for acting like the left by playing “gotcha” and engaging in cancel culture to “erase a lifetime of good work.” There is nothing taken out of context from a man who believes thoughts are not sinful, as his words in their context are the manifestation of this ridiculous, unbiblical belief.

Prager then proceeds to equivocate Candace Owens supporting Kanye West, who he unsurprisingly calls an antisemite, which is a complete non-sequitur on his thoughts about animated child porn.

I got calls and emails from some of the leading Jews in America, including conservatives. Dennis, you must speak out against Candace Owens for not saying anything about her friend Kanye West.

Prager tries to play nice stating that he did not attack Candace Owens, but he technically did through a  backhanded approach. Dennis Prager claims he does not throw around “antisemite” loosely, but he is on record stating that “If Holocaust Deniers Don’t Go to Hell, There Is No God.” Yet bringing up antisemitism is a card he uses to avoid criticism…must be a coincidence.

Basically, he reveals that various Jews wanted him to pressure Candace Owens to condemn Kanye, but he did not because Candace is “pro-Israel” and that means “she had a moral bank account.” Support for Israel gives one a moral bank account in the eyes of Dennis Prager. Alleged antisemitic thoughts are probably the only thoughts he would consider evil. It is unsurprising where his priorities are to say the least.

Prager Goes Rick Warren

In attacking Candace Owens, Prager transforms into Rick Warren.

And that is the decent thing to do, because she had a moral bank account. Do I not have a moral bank account with conservatives and Christians? Is there a bigger, non-Christian friend of Christians in America than Dennis Prager? I can’t think of who that is. And yet to jump on this all of a sudden, I am a bad guy. A lifetime of goodness doesn’t matter. All of a sudden I’m the bad guy. It doesn’t reflect on me. It reflects on them.

Just as Rick Warren believes that he has done more to train up the church than probably the Apostle Paul, and will bloviate about his accomplishments, so too does Dennis Prager tout himself as a staunch ally to Christians. What has Dennis Prager actually done for Christians apart from using them to enrich himself? What has he tangibly done for the conservative movement? Dennis Prager fundamentally believes good deeds can outweigh a wicked heart.

But it gets worse deeper into the interview:

I have brought more people to Christianity, I believe, than any American Christian, ok. And I’m a Jew, I might add. And I’m proud of that. And part of the reason is I make God real. I show God in a light that doesn’t make Him look foolish. If God thinks masturbation is evil, that’s not my God. I’m sorry.

It is quite comical that Prager goes from bloviating about how much he has done for Christianity to talking about self-pleasuring. He gives himself the right to decide what is and is not evil in the eyes of God, rather than adhering to what Scripture says and believing out of obedience. Evidently, questioning the holocaust narratives is worse than spanking the monkey to animated child pornography in the eyes of Dennis Prager. Dennis Prager seemingly loves his habitual masturbation, of which he goes to the mattresses to defend, because this is the logic people employ to defend their pet sins.


While Prager differentiates between thoughts and behaviors, his rejection of sinful concupiscence leads to ridiculous theology, which he obfuscates by playing semantic games with the word evil. There are countless examples in the Old Testament, beginning with the 10th commandment on coveting, that articulate that sin begins in the heart and that one’s hearts can commit evil. It is the sinful nature which separates Man from God, but Prager rejects this, just as he rejects God.

To his shame, Charlie Kirk goes out of his way to defend Dennis Prager as he goes full Rick Warren about his relationship with Christians. Prager has been a parasite, enriching himself off the backs of many Christians, and making Zionism the primary objective of the conservative movement. It is time for everyone to move on from Dennis Prager and the relics of Conservative Inc.

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