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Asa Hutchinson hypocrite

National Review Calls On Asa Hutchinson To Drop Out

National Review, if you were to review their history, has always been an organization designed to suppress right wing thought, dating back to William F Buckley’s adherence to the government narrative surrounding the JFK Assassination. Asa Hutchinson represents the exact type of candidate exemplified by National Review. He’s non threatening. He believes transing kids is a blessing of liberty. He wants America involved in proxy wars overseas. The fake Christian former governor of Arkansas has a natural ally in National Review. But even they believe that he should drop out of his presidential campaign.

A recent statement from the editors makes it plain.

His campaign consists mostly of occasional Sunday-show appearances where he’s invited to criticize Donald Trump, and appearances at cattle calls where it’s obligatory for the hosts to invite him.

He barely qualified for the RNC debate last week and made no impression as he clung to the edge of the stage in a spot reserved for the candidates with the lowest standing.

Basically, no matter his level of exposure, there is little demand for his campaign. National Review details how they oppose Donald Trump.

Understandably, he wants a return to a more honorable Republican Party, but the role of vocal Trump critic is being more effectively taken up by Chris Christie, who has gotten some traction in New Hampshire. And his traditional Republican policy priorities are being championed by sundry other candidates.

It’s not as though Hutchinson’s 1 percent support in the polls is going to provide a big boost to anyone else, but every bit counts and it will be good to establish the precedent of flagging candidates’ being willing to step aside for the greater good.

It’s true that more candidates benefits Trump, although ultimately if Trump is to lose, it will be because MAGA has moved on more so than any one candidate has amassed a coalition to rival him.

Asa Hutchinson is a pathetic candidate because he is a pathetic man.

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