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Tucker Carlson, Viktor Orban Talk Ukraine, Nationalism

After Tucker Carlson did a nothingburger “interview” with Donald Trump, he returned to form this week with a serious interview with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Hungary is credited by some including Stephen Wolfe as being the best example of a Christian Nationalist nation. The first portion of the interview covers the Ukraine-Russian War, pointing […]

Tennessee Republicans Defeat Longhouse, Protect Gun Rights

After Covenant School Shooting was a massacre in which a transvestite woman murdered six people in a private Christian school before getting gunned down by law enforcement. Liberals in the state have used this tragedy to lobby for gun control and suppress the murderers manifesto. This also includes Brent Leatherwood, the president of the Ethics […]

Livestream Announcement: Tonight Violet Chikuni Joins Evangelical Dark Web

Violet Chikuni joins the Evangelical Dark web to discuss Biblical Patriarchy and Christian female content creators. The subject will address the controversy that some have drummed up going after figures like Allie Stuckey and Megan Basham. As she has been following this issue closely, she joins us to weigh in. The livestream begins 9pm Eastern. […]