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Viktor Orban

Tucker Carlson, Viktor Orban Talk Ukraine, Nationalism

After Tucker Carlson did a nothingburger “interview” with Donald Trump, he returned to form this week with a serious interview with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Hungary is credited by some including Stephen Wolfe as being the best example of a Christian Nationalist nation.

The first portion of the interview covers the Ukraine-Russian War, pointing out that Ukraine shares a border with Hungary and ethnic Hungarians have been conscripted to die for Ukraine’s cause. Viktor Orban debunks the notion that Ukraine is winning stating that Ukraine is running out of bodies in a war of attrition. He believes that the superior manpower of Russia makes their victory inevitable. Additionally, Viktor Orban believes that regime change attempts on Russia would destabilize potentially the whole world because of Russia’s large nuclear arsenal. Orban believes that Russia needs a strong leader who can withstand the internal pressures. He also argues that Russia’s national pride would not allow them to lose. A weak leader in Russia is bad news for Hungary, Orban argues.

The conversation then shifts to nationalism. Hungarians are an ancient people, and Hungary recently had a celebration of their heritage. This is quite relevant as Evangelicals are labeled as kinists for believing that preserving a people group is good. Yet Orban and Carlson note the beauty of it.

Then they talk Christianity. Viktor Orban is a Reformed Christian. Orban credits Hungary’s Christian heritage before taking aim at autonomic individualism stating that Hungarians work together.

“Liberal originally meant freedom, but now, in Europe, liberal means that you are enemy of the freedom.” Viktor Orban

Orban details the usefulness of NATO while arguing also that Russia should play a role in the security of Europe. Tucker  Carlson and Orban talk about how the Biden Administration tried to interfere with Hungary’s election to oust Orban and failed miserably. Orban then states that jailing political opponents is not how Hungarians operate. Viktor Orban is looking forward to Republicans recapturing the presidency.

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