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Sarah Young, Author of Jesus Calling, Dead At 77

Sarah Young is an American author best known for her widely read and influential devotional book, “Jesus Calling.” Born on July 12, 1946, in Nashville, Tennessee, she has had a significant impact on the Christian publishing world. Young’s upbringing was rooted in a Christian household, and her faith played a central role in her life […]

Oliver Anthony Reads Bible On Joe Rogan Experience

Perhaps the largest platform in America is that of the Joe Rogan Experience. Joe Rogan is notoriously anti-Christian, yet he brought on Oliver Anthony, whose actual name is Christopher Anthony Lunsford, for an interview which talks faith, music, and drugs. “Ironically” Anthony states, it’s Proverbs 4:20 which gets a slow laugh from Rogan. 20 My son, pay […]

California School District Settles Transgenderism Grooming Case

The Center for American Liberty announced on August 29, 2023 that it had agreed to a settlement in the case of Konen v. Spreckels Union School District for $100,000. The case involved California mother Jessica Konen, whose daughter Alicia was secretly being “socially transitioned” by public school employees without notifying the parents. The case claimed […]