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Steve Gaines

Woke Hall of Shame: Steve Gaines George Floyd Struggle Session

Like too many pastors in the aftermath of George Floyd’s martyrdom, they took to the pulpit and debased themselves on the racial Marxist agenda, placating aggrieved blacks and implementing Critical Race Theory from the pulpit.

Today’s throwback is Steve Gaines, former SBC president and Pastor at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis whose sermon was given on June 8, 2020. The struggle session consumes the first fifteen minutes of his sermon, but the clip is consolidated for brevity.

Before I say anything else, let me say I believe the vast majority of our police officers in the United States and the vast majority of those protesting are good citizens. I believe that.

Rather than condemn violence, Gaines attempts to play the “good people on both sides” argument, which is rather untrue. Those protesters are awful citizens. They vote for the moral decline of our society at every turn, whether it be for Joe Biden in 2020, abortion and abortion supporting candidates, Soros District Attorneys and their soft-on-crime policies, or the school boards that seek to indoctrinate children. Place those same “good citizens” on juries and innocent men cannot receive impartial trials by a “jury of their peers.”

He proceeds to grovel that bad police officers do not condemn all police officer and the actions of ANTIFA, who he actually names, does not condemn the racial protests. Gaines would use the phrase “If I don’t speak, I’m still speaking” which is implicitly Critical Race Theory, since CRT advocates claim that “silence is violence” and thereby impress upon white people that they must be “anti-racist.” It is not enough to be uninvolved, but one must be an advocate and an ally.

He proceeds to claim the following three names as unjust killings: Ahmad Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, of which only Arbery was unjustly killed, yet even still, he was not some upstanding citizen. Breonna Taylor was a loose woman whose boyfriend pulled a gun during a no-knock warrant when looking her ex-boyfriend, in which the police did knock, resulting in her dying in the crossfire. Floyd died during either an overdose or a medical condition called excited delirium while resisting arrest for being a counterfeiting scumbag.

Many of them are Christians, and they see an injustice, and they’re upset, and we can’t label them and link them with troublemakers like ANTIFA.

Once again he calls rioters and racial Marxists good Christian people who were not participatory in the violence. He proceeds to lecture on leadership being subjected to added accountability and scrutiny, including police officers under his definition of leadership, despite police officers not being leaders in any formal capacity.

As Anglos, I believe the best thing we can do is not be reactive but to be proactive.

Using the pan-ethnic term “Anglos” equates all whites with Anglo-Saxons, which is the equivalent of calling all Hispanics Mexicans. It was popularized by CRT advocates because their enemy is White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Males, or WASP’s, so this is their language Gaines chooses to employ rather than say “whites.” He uses the “proactive” pitch to reiterate his racial advocacy message.

He then concludes his struggle session, which precedes his sermon, by stating that Anglos need to Love, Listen, and Learn, a set of instructions that only goes one direction. His language about blacks is rather dehumanizing, as if they are bratty children that just want someone to “listen to them.” Steve Gaines does quote James in his struggle session, but he neglects that James also wrote, “but if you show partiality, you commit sin, and are convicted by the law as transgressors” (James 2:9 NKJV). Gaines testified against himself in this sermon by quoting James 3:1 but preaching partiality from the pulpit.

Gaines’s instructions are themselves partiality, because if black people had to subject themselves to whites talking about race, then it would address substantive issues like fatherlessness, crime, abortion, and voting democrat, rather than anecdotal feelings that CRT thrives upon. But even so-called black Christians blame white people for the abortion rates in their own community, so there is no winning or finding common ground, only capitulation.

This sermon was in June of 2020, but how ubiquitous is this messaging even still today. Steve Gaines is part of a series of SBC presidents who presided over liberal drift in the convention, which even now demonstrates anti-white partiality through scholarships, book publishing/promotion, and special ministry groups.

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