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False Prophet James Lindsay Predicts Has New Prediction

Leading up to the month of June, James Lindsay in his overemphasis and remedial understanding of Hegel prophesied that there would be a major event, like a trans George Floyd to crack down on Christians. In the same Glenn Beck program in which Glenn Beck attacked Stephen Wolfe, James Lindsay proclaimed that the government would provoke Christians into a strategic blunder in order to enact a PATRIOT Act 2.0, yet nothing came to pass in June. But now James Lindsay has a new prediction. Instead of trannies and homos, it’s Jews.

In the wake of the backlash against the Anti-Defamation League after they casually bragged about their influence over social media, calls to ban them trended on Twitter/X with Elon Musk seemingly on board.

James Lindsay thinks that antisemitism will derail this newfound momentum against one of the most sinister organizations in the United States. Yet, the ADL is the arbiter of antisemitism making this a moot point.

The problem however is that one cannot really separate the ADL from what they represent. Even Ben Shapiro used the ADL to boost his credibility in media space before being silent on this front. Yet as Sam Parker points out, Jewish Americans are one of the most liberal demographics by religion.

Additionally, their social views also skew extremely liberal. The fear of pointing this out is losing its power, and perhaps it will be in the same ballpark as connecting Islam to terrorism.

James Lindsay is afraid of this. But as Christians, this is hardly anything to be afraid of. Nor should we expect a Jewish George Floyd to appear.

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