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Acts 29 Deletes Pro-Homo Video

Last week we reported on a video posted by Acts 29 in which they say homosexuals receive good love already and a host of other unbiblical posturing. Now that Acts 29 has been caught, they have deleted the video from their site (the internet is forever though). However the statement is backdated to August 21 so as not to appear new on their blog or RSS feed, by writing over the previous post with the video.

Last week, we posted a video where we interviewed Mike Sullivan as a follow-up to a talk he gave at a local gathering of Acts 29 pastors in the Northeast. We love Mike and his heart for reaching the lost in his community and are glad Emmaus City Church is in the network.

Since posting, we have received feedback that our video appeared to minimize the severity of sin, and that our interview lacked the clarity needed to publicly communicate biblical truth on such a critically important issue. 

Upon further reflection, we agree, and have removed the video from our website. 

If you’ve been to any of our events this year, you’ve heard us say that the future of Acts 29 will be characterized by Theological Clarity. But at the end of the day, this video was theologically unclear. 

Acts 29 has always—and will always—hold to a historically orthodox view on gender and human sexuality. 

We apologize for the video, and are committed to improving our efforts to resource pastors and planters for effective ministry.

– The Acts 29 Team

Act 29 is already taking action to suppress the truth in unrighteousness, and they lie about it not being a theologically clear vide. The video was quite theologically queer.

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