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How Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ Adaptation Advances Transgenderism

It’s universally agreed upon that Netflix has a terrible track record with live action adaptations of anime. The recent flops of Cowboy Bebop and Death Note are a testament to this fact. Yet One Piece has received rave reviews even from commenters that appeal to the right wing, like The Critical Drinker. Yet the idea that this commercially successful series is not woke or advancing “the message” is unfounded, as the casting is all about advancing the message.

Morgan Davies is a transvestite woman pretending to be a man and has been casted as the boyish Koby, a main character in the series. This is yet another example of “casual trans inclusion” as the degenerates call it. The idea is that transvestites are casted accordingly and not casted as a transvestite character. Imagine if Netflix casted Dylan Mulvaney to unironically play a woman with the rest of the cast taking his role as a woman seriously, and perhaps the audience is none-the-wiser to the charade being played. This type of thing has already taken place and is the opening salvo for the hidden agenda in One Piece.

Morgan Davies unironic casting as a boy has been lauded by trannies and sodomites alike. Them Magazine called it “a sweet, scene-stealing role for a transgender actor.” They recognize the tactical importance of this propaganda tactic.

Despite being one of the most popular series streaming right now, very little attention has gone to this, with YouTuber/ comic book writer, Jon Del Arroz, being an exception.

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