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Lecrae Unveils Deconstruction With Phil Vischer

Faith deconstruction is a popular trend among theological liberals. They say it has to do with leaving corrupting influences to faith, but in reality they depart from historic biblical faith teachings and practice to worship in their new conceived theology. And that’s if they do not leave like Joshua Harris did. Lecrae is running a similar game but his current destination is perhaps surprising, but the means at which he got there is not.

Enter the Holy Post, the liberal outlet where Phil Vischer lurks. They announced a series showcasing faith deconstruction journeys and how these liberals that they are proffering up remained true Christians. These liberals include Russell Moore, Kristen Du Mez, and Jemar Tisby. Lecrae is the least problematic figure in this series and that includes Phil Vischer, the host of the first installment.

Freudian Influence

In goldilocks fashion, Lecrae explains how his white woman therapist has been instrumental in him staying with the Christianity. A black woman would try to mother him. A black man would try to brother him. And a white man would condescend him. But the white woman is just right. She listens to him and tries to understand him.

Yet it’s worth noting that therapy is an incredibly liberal industry that started with the demonic Sigmund Freud. Slapping “Christian” on it doesn’t alleviate these concerns. And in the case of Lecrae, that is evident. Much of Lecrae’s wokeness, he credits to therapy in his interview with Phil Vischer.

Search For Authenticity

Comparing Evangelicalism to canned spaghetti, Lecrae details his search for authentic Italian food, in continuing the metaphor. That has led him to partake in Torah groups produced by First Fruits of Zion, a Messianic Jewish organization. Lecrae believes that Messianic Judaism is authentic Christianity as practiced in the Ancient Near East. The irony here is threefold. The first is that Messianic Jewish is predicated on dispensational theology. It rejects Covenant Theology, instead teaching a theology that arose in the 19th century. The second is that Messianic Jews tend to be hypercharismatic, a practice which arose in the late 19th century. Both of these started in the United States, not the Ancient Near East. So Lecrae’s search for the pure form of worship to escape American consumerism has him in another camp consuming.

Local Church Rejection

Lecrae is still not an active participatory member of a local church. He says that he found a church that he goes to frequently. He likes their “tomato sauce.” But he says that he is not ready to join that church.

Lecrae is doing everything a la carte when it comes to faith, and the only spiritual authority in his life is his white women therapist who pushed him in woke directions.


Lecrae does not come across as a man with years of wisdom, rather someone who is a consumer with a victim mentality. Yet Holy Post is lauding Lecrae as a brave man who kept the faith.

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  1. two Critical Race Theory alumni who worship at the alter of race and hate white people…..calling themselves christian….you can’t make this stuff up…..

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