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Owen Strachan

Owen Strachan Slanders Stephen Wolfe At G3 Conference

The G3 Conference is underway as thousands travel to Atlanta to partake. G3 has long previewed a preconference event that would bring clarity to the debate surrounding Christian Nationalism (for a price) and that was not to be seen on Wednesday. Owen Strachan made splashes after reports surfaced of him using the platform of G3 to slander Stephen Wolfe.

G3 Ministries is a rival to The Gospel Coalition in terms of conference throwing and church networking. This is despite it’s founder Josh Buice being a much smaller figure than the guests that are pulled in for the conference. So while G3 Ministries is a Big Eva platform, its personalities are Mid Eva by comparison.

During the preconference event, Owen Strachan labeled Stephen Wolfe a kinist, multiple sources report. This is despite the claim being repeatedly debunked.

The tactical play by Strachan seems to be to pit Christian Nationalists against Stephen Wolfe, but because it’s predicated on slander, it’s backfiring.

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