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The Book of Clarence: Blackwashed Blasphemy Against Christ!

In generations past, Hollywood was remiss to make portrayals of Christ, with movies like Passion of the Christ being a groundbreaking independent film that ventured into biblical storytelling, yet as the culture continued to degrade, so too did the arts, which reflect the cultural standards of the given day. Hollywood has gone to extremes to debase and deconstruct the masterpieces of the past through liberal recreations and reboots, often intermingling characters both of gay and black variety to reflect the demands of “modern audiences.”

While Dallas Jenkin’s The Chosen is an inaccurate, yet sanitary portrayal of Jesus that violates the second commandment for taking artistic liberties with Christ, The Book of Clarence is outright blasphemy against the image of Christ to be released in theatres January of 2024. The movie is written and directed by Jeymes Samuel, a director largely propped up by Hollywood and is produced by Jay-Z with LaKeith Stanfield starring as Clarence. Jeymes Samuel’s The Harder They Fall (2021) was a poor man’s attempt at Tarantino’s Django without talent or wit while overtly advancing his racial agenda.

Wikipedia describes the premise of the movie as follows:

A struggling down-on-his-luck man named Clarence living in 29 A.D. Jerusalem looks to capitalize on the rise of Jesus Christ by claiming to be a new Messiah sent by God, in an attempt to free himself of debt and start a life of glory for himself.

The trailer for The Book of Clarence features chariot street races, sword fights, miracles (fake or otherwise), bodily gyrations common in modern black people, and Clarence growing his Messianic ministry from the ground up before being presented to the white Romans to walk on water. The movie might style itself as a comedy, with black John the Baptist smacking Clarence for smoking when going to be baptized but appears to take an approach that Clarence must elevate his “ministry” which stands contemporary with black Jesus’ ministry. YouTuber Raven Knight believes the movie will follow the plot of Shark Tale in which Will Smith’s character rises to fame off a deception which he maintains for his own vanity amidst increasing stakes. This is likely an accurate prediction of what to expect in this film.

Blasphemy Against Christ

There is a reason majority, if not all depictions of Christ are a violation of the Second Commandment, and that is because they are a reimagining of Christ in the image that the artist has created rather than Jesus as He is portrayed in the Holy Scriptures. But even if one is inclined to contend that not all portrayals are 2CV, there still are rules and standards that must be maintained. For instance, all depictions of the Father are sinful, and at a minimum, so too are those dishonoring of Christ, of which the black Jesus being mimicked by Clarence, is unabashedly doing.

Second, Jeymes Samuel is clearly attempting to merge black identity politics with the Gospel, which is both ahistorical and heretical. In prior generations, this heresy came through Liberation Theology, which increasingly sacrificed orthodoxy for Social Justice and Cultural Marxism. However, in recent years, a cult called the Black Hebrew Israelites have emerged who hold a general consensus that sub-Saharan Africans were the real Jews. Like Scientology, this ideology is more commonplace with black celebrities, including Kanye West and Ice Cube. From the trailer, the movie will advance some form of both Liberation Theology and Black Hebrew Israelite delusions while portraying the white Romans as the oppressors in a black vs. white dynamic.

Blackwashing Culture

Leftism cannot create; it can only destroy. The ever-emboldening push to diversify entertainment is part of an anti-white agenda. All of the sudden, European royals are portrayed as black. Roman soldiers and Vikings are melanin blessed. African nations, like the Dahomey are portrayed as strong matriarchies contrary to history.  Even fantasies that take place in European-based environments, like Middle Earth and Witcher, are blackwashed. The extremes of attempting to portray black people as having a place in European history is a propaganda designed to force and normalize multiculturalism and perpetuate mass migration.

Repeat a lie long enough and people will start to believe. This is how events like the Tulsa Massacre get rewritten as the “black Wall Street being destroyed because racism” when the truth is more complicated. Rewrite history through propaganda, and people will lose their moorings as to what is truth and what is actual history.


When The Book of Clarence debuts in theatres early next year, it might garner attention of the anti-woke cultural YouTubers, which will be a boon, but it is proper that Christians take the lead in setting the narrative, that this portrayal of Christ is blasphemous and intolerable. Christ is King, and He will not be mocked by racial idolatry.

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  1. This is heinous and hateful. Whoever wrote this should be ashamed. Also, Jesus for sure wasn’t white… historically speaking from what I learned in seminary.

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