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Bart Barber Whore

Bart Barber Reportedly Claimed Leading Christian Nationalists Unchurched

Last month we reported that Bart Barber was whoring himself to the liberal media specifically to attack Christians. The specifics of that were based on his participation in the Texas Tribune Festival which occurred last week. This is the same conference that has David French interviewing Russell Moore in a gay church.

William Melhaldo is a homosexual reporter for the Tribune and witnessed the event. Bart Barber responded to Joshua Abbotoy’s request for clarification stating:

In response to a number of statements linking CN with kinism and white supremacy, I cited research I had read suggesting that the particular strain of CN that is kinist or white supremacist is often less churchgoing—involvement in mission trips and evangelism works against that.

Amanda then acknowledged that some research suggests that CN is correlated with lower church attendance while some indicates the opposite.

Most of what I did was to quote and advocate for Articles XV and XVII of the BF&M

Jeff Wright points out how ridiculous Barber’s claim is citing a study pointing to the opposite of his claim.

Bart Barber’s nuance is hardly a mitigating factor. The word kinist has been thrown around like a boogeyman to condemn those who do not hold to post-WWII consensus on race. Stephen Wolfe, the author of The Case For Christian Nationalism, has been frequently labeled as such. He is a member in good standing at an OPC church.

Will fuller context make Bart Barber’s statements better? Hard to say as it does not look like the Texas Tribune will publish the panel discussion.

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One Response

  1. Both sides are wrongly putting skin color and sin in the same category. Both sides have diverged from God’s word. Both sides, anti-racist and racist, basically say the same things. Both sides need to repent.

    You can’t very well blame the other side for calling you racist when all you do is talk about race, with an emphasis on advancement of one over the other and/or focus on whether or not some powers that be are trying to eliminate one, the other, or all, as if, even if such conspiracies did exist, they could do anything whatsoever that God didn’t allow.

    Faithlessness and cowardice are sins. (Rev. 21:8)

    When you diverge from scripture, and head of on your own way according to your own understanding, you play right into the hands of the devil.

    The distinction was the very point of Jesus’ parable of the good Samaritan. The fact that the Samaritan’s were a so-called “mixed race” and a different race/ethnos/nation was entirely irrelevant. What matters is whether or not we serve the Lord.

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