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David Platt

McLean Bible Church Installs Woke Lead Pastor As David Platt Steps Down From Role

In a rather surprising move for a Big Eva pastor, David Platt is stepping down as lead pastor of McLean Bible Church, a church based in northern Virginia that has been at the center of lawsuits, wokeness, and Branch Covidianism. David Platt announced earlier this month that Mike Kelsey would be installed at a business meeting on September 24 to become a lead pastor of the church.

In an internal video, Platt tells his church that Kelsey has been serving MBC for a long time and that he will be the new leader of the church, even over Platt. Platt assures his congregation that this is not a first step towards him leaving MBC (Update: video made private). MBC’s constitution allows for multiple “lead pastors” but Platt will not be the leader of them any more.

Mike Kelsey’s Wokeness

As reported by The Dissenter, Mike Kelsey was the pastor who told Jennie Allen that he wanted to “torch all white people.”

Perhaps it’s not white people that David Platt is trying to grow in his church.

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2 Responses

  1. David appears to me to be very uncomfortable in this video and he moves his eyes away during key points. Regardless, I’m not a fan of his, never have been. Why people are… I have no clue.

  2. Corporate cadence is so creepy, especially in a church. But I thank God in my denomination that black people who feel like Mike Kelsey have segregated themselves into their own local congregations since they can’t get over their anti-white hate. The White people would fawn over them if they would come but they hate us too much so maintain separate congregations. If God is really working through his spirit in your denomination that is how it will go. A mixed local church with a lead pastor who wants to torch people of another race in his congregation has some spirit other than God’s working in it.

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