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Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley Comes Clean About Supporting Homosexuality, Sort Of

Andy Stanley came under fire earlier this year for his support of homosexuality which publicly dates back to 2012, yet that sermon did not attract the same level of notoriety as what he said behind closed doors. Nevertheless, Andy Stanley would continue to have a pro-sodomite conference at his church last month, which was brought up in his most recent sermon. In uncharacteristic fashion, Andy Stanley did not make public his most recent sermon, but audio obtained by Protestia has gone viral.

Andy Stanley begins by telling his audience that he has not changed his position on this, meaning he’s always been affirming of homosexuality.

Andy Stanley makes it clear that he teaches that same-sex attraction is not sinful. This is in direct violation of the Bible’s teachings on sinful desires.

Andy Stanley then denies that the Unconditional Conference was gay affirming. This is a lie, but Andy Stanley is clearly doing damage control as he mentions that people left his church because of this. He mentions two presenters at the conference, Brian and Justin who are homosexuals in a “marriage,” yet their faith is affirmed by Andy Stanley also. He then says that these two people have been regular speakers at his church for some time in an attempt to own discernment bloggers for not knowing this. Yet ironically, he proves the point that he’s gay affirming in trying to lie about it while at the same time affirming it.

Andy Stanley says that people at his church believe everything, but insists that he has taught the same thing for 28 years. His core sexual teachings, according to him are as follows:

  1. Honor God with your body
  2. Don’t be mastered by anything.
  3. Don’t sexualize relationships outside of marriage

The third one is used as a fig leaf to appear as theologically conservative, yet Andy Stanley never bothers to define marriage. As mentioned, he affirms the “marriage” of two sodomites minutes earlier.

However, Andy Stanley then states that biblical marriage is between a man and a woman, because this is an assumption any time the Bible talks about marriage. Meaning, the only reason it’s “biblical” is the cultural understanding of the time. This is eerily reminiscent to those who say the Bible condemns homosexual rape but not consensual relationships. The weasel words of Andy Stanley are shown when he follows this seemingly orthodox statement with condoning homosexuals who get “married.” Andy Stanley is all about drawing circles, not lines, which is a fancy way of saying he wants to put butts in seats without scruples.

Andy Stanley concludes the sermon by affirming homosexual identity.

Andy Stanley wanted to go after discernment bloggers for reporting his affinity for sodomy, but ended up proving our prior reporting to be accurate.

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  1. Not surprising, I don’t have proof but I’m fairly confident Andy Stanley is himself a closeted homosexual. He is an apostate unbeliever. A wolf in a rainbow colored tunic.

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