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Ed Stetzer Defends Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley’s recent sermon at North Point Community Church got leaked despite the decision to not livestream it. Yet that has not stopped Christian Media from gaslighting Evangelicals on what Andy Stanley actually said. Ed Stetzer has come out in support of Andy Stanley and ran multiple articles trying to control the narrative of Stanley’s words.

Church Leaders ran an article lying about Andy Stanley’s comments on marriage, as though he affirmed the traditional view. Ed Stetzer frames the issue as Stanley’s stance on marriage when the reality is much broader. The article Andy Stanley Affirms Traditional View of Marriage Following Controversial ‘Unconditional Conference’ gets a key aspect of Stanley’s message wrong. When Andy Stanley says “biblical marriage” he’s using biblical in a historical sense. He’s not talking about modern day. In the same sermon he affirmed multiple gay “marriages” ultimately saying “it’s their decision” and that he wants to “draw circles not lines”

Andy Stanley is pastor of North Point Community Church, the tied 9th largest church in the United States. This shameful defending of a prominent pastor is not new.

Back in January, Andy Stanley’s affirmation of homosexuality became widely known. Christian media largely ran cover for him

Christian Post’s Richard Land, the former head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, still calls Andy Stanley a believer, tacitly stating that he is a brother in Christ.

Yet in 2018, Christian Post would defend Andy Stanley against charges of marcionism. This was in relation to Andy Stanley’s “unhitched” views which were objectively unbiblical. Until recently, Christian Post periodically ran fluff pieces about Stanley.

Church Leaders reported the issue as a mere Twitter controversy. Jessica Lea the producer for notorious heretic, Ed Stetzer’s podcast, does no reporting on his actual positions. Ed Stetzer and his online rag are Side B, by the way, but that is an article for another day.

The Gospel Coalition is surprisingly radio silent on this issue. Their reticence is perhaps because they have said similar things about the faith of “gay Christians” in their past support of Side B theology.

Ed Stetzer also affirms homosexuality. His outlet, Church Leaders, has promoted men like Gregory Coles, Ed Shaw, Preston Sprinkle, Mark Yarhouse, and other Side B proponents on this issue. Stetzer’s career is the embodiment of failing upwards as he has proven to be a well-tolerated Jezebel wherever he goes.

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