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New SBC Lawyers Also Promote Homosexuality

The Southern Baptist Convention was beguiled by Guidepost Solutions, a gay affirming law firm that wrote the Sex Abuse Task Force Report that framed adulterous adult women as sex abuse victims. At the opposition of previous legal counsel, the Southern Baptist Convention waived attorney client privilege, and thus received a breakup letter from Gunther, Jordan, and Price, their prior counsel.

Guidepost Solutions brought embarrassment to the Southern Baptist Convention when they supported Pride Month in 2022, a reproach that permeated to the normie messengers.

The Southern Baptist Convention would evidently denounce the report written by Guidepost Solutions, according to court documents, as the report invited defamation lawsuits from David Sills and Johnny Hunt.

Now the new legal representation for the Southern Baptist Convention also celebrates sodomy.

The embarrassment of Bart Barber’s term as SBC president continues.

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