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Jerome Adams

Trump’s Surgeon General Promotes Grooming Children, Attacks Christians

Almost no ardent Trump supporter believes that Donald Trump hires the best people as claimed and the latest evidence of that is the Surgeon General, Jerome Adams, of his administration promoting sexually grooming children into homosexuality and transgenderism. While it was known that he was liberal, his willingness to promote the Zeitgeist has reached a new brazenness that potentially harms the Trump campaign.

Jerome Adams attended and promoted a “banned book buffet” showcasing pornographic books that have been banned from varying school districts across the country.


He also tweeted out this image.


As a doctor he should be aware that there is not a healthy way to be a homosexual or a transvestite whether mentally or physically. Jerome Adams is clearly advocating that homoerotic material be showcased for children, in public schools. Moreover, he is advocating “affirming care.” Yet he takes issue when Christians have a problem with this.

Although he served, poorly, under the Trump Administration, he currently serves his father, the devil.


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3 Responses

  1. Hoo boy, these statistics-wielding technocrats are something else. One minute they’re shouting “correlation does not equal causation”, the next they’re claiming the “data is CLEAR”, when they have no concrete proof that the individual’s self-destructive behavior – suicide, drugs, etc. – is the fault of anyone but the individual. Is the implication that they are harming themselves in an attempt to harm others back, out of revenge? If that’s the case, then it is CLEAR they are not thinking rationality. All these technocrats are really accomplishing is to give rebellious, trouble-making individuals excuses to engage in all manner of wickedness, with an expectation that there will not be any consequences. And if there are consequences, then the assumption is that it is always the doing of some other person or persons, rather than God’s design and creation at work. If He says you reap what you sow, then you will, whether anyone else has anything to do with it or not.

    No sane, intelligent individual would make an argument that essentially boils down to the idea that we must allow porn in schools, promote and celebrate porneia, put males in women’s restrooms and locker-rooms, put males on women’s sports teams, etc., else children are going to kill themselves or become drug addicts – or develop mental health problems, which is to craftily and deceitfully imply they don’t already have serious mental health problems to begin with.

    Statistics cannot concretely prove anything, and it is very easy to lie with statistics. The stats, assuming the input isn’t garbage to begin with, could suggest thousands of possible causes, yet these “experts” will select the causes that fit a desired narrative, every single time, We need to stop playing their game.

    1. These “experts” assume the self-destructive behavior is the fault of others, while there is one gigantic example proving otherwise staring them right in the face – God’s everlasting, unchanging word. And that is ultimately what they’re up against. It stands in condemnation of sin, and always will, regardless of what any human being alive does or says. Unless they repent and turn from sin, then God’s word is going to make them feel bad about themselves, and the Holy Spirit is going to convict them.

    2. Some of the hysterical ones will read that and conclude I have a problem with math. Right. I must just hate statistics. No, statistics are a good tool, but when we give them too much weight, abuse them, draw disjointed conclusions from them, plug in biased assumptions, and so on, we just feed the wolf.

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