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Christianity Today Staffers Exposed For Extensive Democrat Donations

It’s not a shock that Christianity Today is a liberal outlet staffed by liberals who thus support liberalism. However, for the Daily Wire to expose the extensive campaign contributions of Christianity Today staffers to a much larger audience than a discernment news site is significant. Megan Basham, a reliable reporter over at the Daily Wire penned the story.

Christianity Today Staff Made Extensive Campaign Donations Between 2015 And 2022…All Went To Democrats

Between 2015 and 2022, nine Christianity Today employees made 73 political donations. All of them went to Democrats. This tally includes President and CEO Timothy Dalrymple, who gave $300 in two separate payments to failed Georgia Senate candidate Sarah Riggs Amico. 

Amico’s platform, which includes protecting abortion “without exception” and repealing the Hyde Amendment to allow federal tax dollars to fund abortions, contrasts sharply with the views of evangelicals who overwhelmingly say abortion should be illegal in all or most cases. She is also at odds with traditional Christian beliefs when it comes to gender, sexuality, and religious liberty. 

Along with declaring herself a “staunch LGBTQ ally,” Amico promised to support the Equality Act, a bill that The Heritage Foundation warns would threaten parental rights over children who believe they’re transgender. The conservative think tank has also said the bill would decimate conscience rights for medical workers and “cancel[s] religious freedom.” Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president Albert Mohler put the Equality Act in even starker terms, saying it “represents the greatest threat to religious liberty in the United States in our lifetimes” and would “totally transform the United States as we know it.”


All but one, the most recent campaign donation, were made to Democrats. This was a recent hire. Russell Moore appears to have put the kibosh on campaign donations at Christianity Today.


The article notes that the secular journalism standards forbid political contributions from reporters and even columnists. These standards are not biblical, and no reporting is without bias, so it’s better to be transparent about what the biases are. As such, Evangelical Dark Web’s founder and contributors have made extensive campaign contributions most specifically to local campaigns.

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