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Benjamin Watson

The Gospel Coalition Goes Woke On Abortion With Benjamin Watson

It’s been a bad month for The Gospel Coalition. Last week we exposed there rationalization of Andy Stanley’s false teaching, as though it were paved with good intentions. On Friday, The Gospel Coalition would publish an article reveling in idolatry for Taylor Swift, rationalizing it as pointing to Christ. They would promptly remove the article from their website. Additionally, they also had Benjamin Watson appear on their podcast to discuss abortion on their podcast.

Evangelical Dark web has long discussed how Benjamin Watson used race and football stardom to convince Big Eva that he’s a credible voice on abortion. But the reality is he is a race hustler.

In the podcast with The Gospel Coalition’s Collin Hansen, Benjamin Watson states that pro-life black women support legalized abortion because they don’t want the right to kill their own children taken away from them because slavery. Benjamin Watson presupposes that you can be pro-life and oppose outlawing abortion. Watson says that this gives us more compassion when dealing with black women’s pro-abortion rhetoric because they are responding out of their hurt (from slavery) not their conviction.

Yet it’s obvious if these people Watson is referring to were actually pro-life they wouldn’t prioritize feminist and racial grievances over innocent preborn life.

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