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Adam Greenway Soyjak Meme

Adam Greenway Threatens SWBTS With Lawsuit, Claim Espresso Machine Only $6000

Adam Greenway’s departure from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary marked the end of a shortlived transitionary period as the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary attempted to erase the legacy of Paige Patterson over false pretenses drummed up by feminists. Adam Greenway is seeking his golden parachute to the tune of $5 million due to the reputational harm caused by the disclosure of his financial impropriety. However the allegations of the $11000 espresso machine were hardly the most damning, as Adam Greenway was accused of taking out credit cards on SWBTS staffers without permission.

According to Greenway’s side of events, the espresso machine that garnered much ridicule was only worth $5,952.67, just under $6000. The purchase of the might not be the totality of how SWBTS came to the $11000.

The SBC has put up a strong front on this potential lawsuit while caving on others recently. Adam Greenway’s lofty shakedown attempt will be an interesting story to watch.

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