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Jordan Peterson Pro Islam

Jordan Peterson: Pro-Islam, Anti-Christ

Jordan Peterson has made a lucrative career selling self-help to men seeking an ordered life. Despite personal hypocrisy with regard to orderly living, Jordan Peterson has branched out into teaching on religion. It was his Bible series in which Dennis Prager of PragerU defended pornography as not a sin. Jordan Peterson has become a hawk for Israel, taking a bolder stand for Israel than perhaps any other issue in his media career, particularly because he invokes his generic faith into the discussion.

Jordan Peterson adamantly insists that Christians, Jews, and Muslims worship the same God. However, this is obvious heresy. Christians do not worship the same god as either Muslims or Jews, as both deny Christ and ultimately worship Satan.

However, the video released by Jordan Peterson addressing his views did not make the situation any less untenable for a Christian.

Peterson begins by doubling down on the aforementioned heresy. He then erroneously claims that Iran, the ultimately responsible party, is not acting on their Islamic convictions in backing Hamas. He also asserts the the so-called Iran Revolutions from last year carried widespread support in the country. It’s worth noting that the Shah was overthrown for not being Islamic enough in 1979. He then proceeds the psychoanalyze various groups, attempting to pit Muslims in the east against their gay, communist supporters in the west.

Jordan Peterson does not seem to realize that Muslims align with Democrats, in a long demographic strategy. As in Europe, liberal politicians means open borders which means eventual Islamification of the country. Muslims can simply outlast liberals because liberalism is cancerous to a nation. The Jews, likewise, vote Democrat, en masse. Peterson seems unaware of the history of Jews with regard to Bolshevism in Russia and in the United States ie Frankfurt School. Both were dominated by Jews. The common thread that binds this alliance together is opposing God.

In his final appeal to Muslims, Peterson decides to quote Jesus, calling for Christians, Muslims, and Jews to work together for their nonexistent common interests. He does not appeal to Islamic text but rather relies on the “Islam is a religion of peace” George W Bush narrative.

Jordan Peterson has been characterized by some as a truth seeker on his way to Christianity. Far be it from the case as Peterson is far from the Kingdom of God.

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