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JD Hall

JD Hall Breaks Media Silence, Set Record Straight

JD Hall’s departure from ministry and Christian media definitely upset the discernment landscape. A lot of rumors and speculation surround the events of JD Hall’s disqualification from ministry and departure from Protestia. However, JD Hall breaks his media silence with David Morrill at Protestia in an interview. Does JD Hall desire to return to the pulpit and discernment ministry?

JD Hall makes it exceedingly clear that he has no desire to return to being a pastor or get back into discernment ministry, but he wanted to let the people who cared about him from afar know how he’s doing and let them know he had not forgotten them.

Hall had built the prolific Pulpit & Pen which became Protestia. But he describes being a pastor as a thankless profession that treated him poorly. Hall details how he poured himself into ministry only for his church to abandon him when he needed it most.

Rumors of domestic violence swirled, yet what happened was JD Hall became addicted to Xanax because his doctors were prescribing it to him. Yet when the Xanax was causing problems with his health, the doctors who prescribed him Xanax blamed a vitamin D deficiency. The medical negligence allowed JD Hall to unwittingly become addicted to Xanax.

JD Hall says that the church he pastored over abandoned both him and his family, even counseling divorce and separation. To his own confusion, Beth Moore and JD Greear reached out to him while others in discernment ministry discarded him. And so he has maintained very few relationships over the last year.

JD Hall has returned to the private sector and lives on a farm now. He’s home with his family a lot more now, and he’s a quiet member of his local church. Practicing what he preached, he’s not returning to ministry post-disqualification.

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3 Responses

  1. Correction. JD Hall became addicted to Xanax because HE took more than prescribed. He claimed “I don’t know why he gave it to me”, yet HE took it anyway, HE took more than prescribed, and HE became an addicted. You fell for a masterful PR spin interview.

    1. While I take all blame – 100% – do you *really* think someone has to take more xanax (or any other prescription medicine) than prescribed to become addicted to it? Is your opinion informed by, like, anything grounded to reality? How do you know how much I was prescribed? Maybe read something about the subject of pharmaceutical addiction, perhaps. But I’m very glad you appear so thankful for my recovery. I can tell your heart is in the right place and your comment comes from a place of deep, Christian love. Bless you.

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