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Mike Todd

Mike Todd’s Transformation Church Too Loud

Mike Todd is one of the fastest growing false teachers in the last five years, coming out of relative obscurity to become a money making machine based in Oklahoma. Transformation Church is one of the most performative churches in America, and the process of placing style over substance has alienated the megachurch with the community surrounding it.

A clip posted by Protestia on social media highlighted local news coverage of the noise complaints facing Transformation Church in Bixby Oklahoma. Evidently, police officers have dutifully responded to noise complaints and wrote citations to Transformation Church. An untold number, in the triple digits, of citations have been written to Transformation Church at $200 a ticket. The noise is pervasive and occurs at irregular hours all throughout the week.

Citizens complain to the local ABC News that the city is not doing enough to curb the noise issues with Transformation Church, claiming that they are afraid to step on the 1st Amendment.

Transformation Church clearly does not care as they’ve paid at least $20000 in noise complaint fines as though the expenses were nothing. The issue has been going on for four years. So even while the church was not actually meeting in person, they were still too loud for the community around them.

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