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Max Lucado and the He Gets Us Campaign

One of the most overlooked aspects of both the He Gets Us Campaign and The Chosen is the Big Eva industry working behind the scenes to fund and market products that ultimately put out a substandard Jesus. The He Gets Us Campaign seemingly came out of nowhere with the ability to put up the funds for major ad buys including Super Bowl commercials. Evangelical Dark Web exposed much of the nefarious figures behind He Gets Us back in February. However there is still more to this story that is worth revisiting and shining a brighter light on and that is the network behind them.

Evangelical Dark Web has also been the leading Christian platform talking about Gloo who was one of the key partners of the He Gets Us Campaign. Gloo Connect is a service used by a claimed 30000 churches. This massive Big Eva network is an infrastructure for He Gets Us as well as The Chosen.

Additionally, Ed Stetzer is a major partner with Gloo, and his media company Outreach Magazine Group, the company behind the titular magazine and Church Leaders, is as well.

Enter Max Lucado, the Andy Stanley of Texas, given his prominence in megachurches and his compromise on homosexuality. Max Lucado has published a myriad of books both written and compiled, and he lends himself to what he calls the “He Gets Us Movement” with a book titled He Gets Us.

Jesus understands our lives because he was human too. He faced the same hardships and personal struggles that we encounter on a daily basis. He felt our deepest sadness and experienced our darkest solitude. Above all, Jesus gets us.

In Jesus’ time, communities were deeply divided by bitter differences in religious beliefs, political positions, income inequality, legal status, and ethnic differences. But where was Jesus in all of this? Did he align with the religious elites? Or did he start an uprising to overthrow them? Neither of the above.

Instead, he went from town to town, offering hope, new life, and modeling a different way to live and to change the world. Instead of pursuing power, money, or religious authority, he shared a loving and sacrificially generous way of living–he championed a better way. But how can we understand the Jesus of the Bible today?

Inside the pages of He Gets Us, you’ll find 14 of the most frequently asked questions about Jesus, including:

  • Was Jesus ever stressed?
  • Was Jesus ever lonely?
  • Did Jesus ever mourn?
  • Did Jesus have fun?
  • How did Jesus deal with injustice?
  • Was Jesus fed up with politics?

How these are the among the 14 most asked questions about Jesus is unknown. You’d think “was Jesus God?” would be number one. But what’s clear from Max Lucado talking with He Gets Us in their “Engaging Culture” series is that Max Lucado wants to make Jesus likeable.

The He Gets Us Campaign is not going anywhere, as they’ve still purchased many ads in sporting events all over the country. Gloo provides much of their infrastructure while Max Lucado provides popular credibility. All of this to advance a false gospel.

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