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Tom Emmer

Pro-Sodomy Congressman Tom Emmer Defeated In Republican House Speaker Race

The dysfunction in the race for House Speaker following the ousting of Kevin McCarthy has led to many Republican contenders. Steve Scalise was too much of a lateral move to be accepted. Jim Jordan was briefly the consensus candidate before buckling under pressure. Now Tom Emmer failed to get the confidence of Republicans.

Tom Emmer was one of several Republicans who voted for the (Dis)Respect of “Marriage” Act. This garnered him some opposition with other House members. Congressman Rick Allen reportedly said he needed to get right with Jesus over gay marriage vote. What’s ironic is that Allen isn’t a member of the Freedom Caucus nor is he all that conservative.

Donald Trump took aim at Rep. Emmer claiming he was a RINO who “never respected the power of a Trump Endorsement.”

 It’s worth noting that Trump endorsed McCarthy back in January. It’s appears Byron Donalds, the congressman who joined in the Kamala Harris narrative in Florida will also not be the speaker nominee. Rep. Mike Johnson out of Louisiana appears to be the speaker nominee.

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