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Debunking G3, Owen Strachan’s Woke Lecture On Christian Nationalism

G3 Ministries began releasing some of the sessions from its conference. The conference featured a pre-conference addressing Christian Nationalism, in which G3 promised to provide clarity. Owen Strachan appears to be the point man for G3 on this issue. And his lecture on “Christianity and Kinism” goes after Stephen Wolfe, a Christian Nationalist thought leader, in an attempt to drive a wedge between him and the broader Christian Nationalist movement. It doesn’t work because in arguing against the points made by Wolfe in his book The Case For Christian Nationalism, Strachan adopts liberal, dare I say woke, positions in the process.

The first major argument at hand is one over ordo amoris (order of loves). Whereas Stephen Wolfe has a classical approach that recognizes that the Bible does not necessarily transform natural affections, Owen Strachan’s approach is that spiritual family is the preeminent affection of Christians. This is at the root of the debate. Stephen Wolfe applies ordo amoris to nations whereas 

Moreover the second major argument is over multiculturalism. As Wolfe argues extensively against globalism and for nationalism, he argues that, in a nutshell, that multiculturalism is bad and that it is being used to destroy nations. Wolfe argues that homogeneous nations have a higher social trust and can achieve more than multicultural nations. In arguing against this, Owen Strachan essentially argues that multiculturalism is good, which is a liberal talking point from decades ago.

Wolfe and Andrew Torba argue that preserving ethnicity is good, but Owen Strachan can only see opposing interracial marriage as the means to do that rather than immigration policy which he later concedes is a matter of prudence. Owen Strachan, perhaps unknowingly, argues that multiculturalism is good yet has no basis to oppose Replacement Theory when he later does so except “prudence.”

This is ultimately the problem with the intellectual lightweight in Owen Strachan giving this lecture. He does not know what he’s arguing in order to oppose the other side, and he isn’t arguing from a firm foundation of beliefs but rather a hastily crafted reactionary set of principles, some of those deriving from failed conservative responses to liberalism. It’s no wonder why Owen Strachan has declines debate on this issue.

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