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Former Vice President Mike Pence is intereviewed by Dasha Burns on May 9, 2023.

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Mike Pence Drops Out Of Race For President

Earlier today, we reported Larry Elder has dropped out of the presidential primary. Now Mike Pence, the former Governor of Indiana and former Vice President under Donald Trump, has dropped out of the race.

At the Repulbican Jewish Coalition, Mike Pence demonstrated a rare moment of self-awareness in that he proclaimed, “It’s become clear to me. This is not my time.”

Mike Pence was unlikely to qualify for the upcoming November debate on NBC. And the financial situation for his campaign was untenable. Despite being the former Vice President, Mike Pence is a generally disliked figure because he mixes his faith with his long record of cowardice. As governor of Indiana he caved to the pressure of the Homosexual Transvestite Lobby. As Vice President, he oversaw the Coronavirus Task Force and did an exceedingly poor job. Earlier this year, Mike Pence said that legalized transgender surgeries was loving your neighbor.

When Mike Pence was touting a run, he had the support of Franklin Graham. But after his unsuccessful announcement, Evangelicals failed to flock to Mike Pence, cringing every time he invoked his faith. Mike Pence ran an America Last campaign prioritizing Ukraine and Israel above the United States, getting him roasted by Tucker Carlson.

With Mike Pence out, the question is which candidate will drop out next. As the money was drying up for Pence, if this is any indication, Asa Hutchinson is next.

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  1. His comments about domestic homelessness not being his problem may be the dumbest words ever issued by a politician.

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